Selling Your Home Fast in South Florida

Discover The Secrets To Selling Your Home Fast If you are frantically searching for information on the best ways of selling your home fast in South Florida, you have come to the right place! We are here to take you through a quick run through of all the tips and secrets of how to sell […]

How to Find a Real Estate Broker when Buying a Holiday Home in Florida

Buy Your Dream Holiday Home with the Real Estate Broker of Your Dreams! Have you been dreaming of owning a holiday home within a stone’s throw of white sandy beaches, magnificent blue ocean and warm sunny days but have no idea how to find a real estate broker who will be able to make this […]

Guide To Home Flipping

Sell Your Home Fast and Fuss Free by Flipping It If you are thinking about how to sell your home fast you may be interested in reading our guide to home flipping. The premise behind flipping is simple and hinges on every person’s goal in society today – making money quickly with as little effort […]

Assessed Value vs. Appraised Value

The Cost of Selling Your Home – Assessed Value vs. Appraised Value When it comes to selling your home you need to consider the assessed value of your home vs. the appraised value of your home. These are both contributing factors to the cost of selling your home. We all know that selling your home […]

Signs of a Bad Realtor

With so many people in the property business we know how difficult it is to find a realtor you can rely on. It is easy to print a fancy flyer listing a number of accomplishments that lead you to believe that what you have before you is a good realtor but do you know what […]

Cornerstone’s Guide to Home Flipping

In today’s world making money quickly and easily is what a lot of people spend their lives trying to achieve. Many people believe that buying, renovating, and selling a home fast (a process now commonly known as “flipping”) is the best way to make a quick buck. However, while flipping a home could possibly make […]

Secret Ways To Sell Your Home

Top Home Selling Secrets If you are looking for the best ways to sell your home, look no further! Cornerstone Realty have our top home selling secrets that will help you attract the right buyer in no time. Image is Everything The first place that many prospective buyers go when looking for a new home […]

Safety Advice When Selling A Home

Keep Your Home Safe During an Open House An open house is arguably one of the best ways to find potential buyers when selling a home. But opening up your home to complete strangers can be quite daunting and dangerous if you are not properly prepared. While you want to show your home at its […]

Top Mistakes To Avoid When You Want To Sell Your Home

How to Avoid Mistakes When Selling Your Home As experienced realtors, Cornerstone Realty have the top mistakes to avoid when you want to sell your home and how you can add value to your property through fixing them before inviting buyers into your home. Your home is only worth what the market is willing to […]

A Guide To The Hidden Costs of Selling Your Home in South Florida

Be Aware of Hidden Costs When Selling Your Home These days, everything seems to come at a cost – including selling your home! We want to share the hidden cost of selling your home so that you are not blindsided by a significant chunk of your “earnings” going into someone else’s pocket. The entire process […]



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