Finding a Realtor That Works For You

find-a-realtorBuying or selling a house will be one of the biggest life choices you make. So when it comes to the person who guides you through this process, you want to find a realtor that works for you. Here are a few things to consider when looking for a realtor.

When looking for a realtor, your safest option is to ask people whom you trust (such as friends or family) for recommendations. Realtors often rely on word of mouth to bring in business and these realtors are also more likely to work harder to maintain their good reputation. Another option for homebuyers and sellers is to drive around the areas which interest you. Note the names and numbers of the realtors on boards and maybe pop in to a few open houses to meet them. This would be a good chance to experience how they work and if they will be suitable in helping you find or sell your property.

Your realtor is not only someone who is working for you or on your behalf but someone who you will inevitably spend a lot of time with and someone who will need to understand your wants and needs as they represent you and your interests. With this in mind you will want to find a realtor who gets on well with you and your partner. Conducting interviews with a few possible realtors can help to distinguish between two realtors who are equally competent in their job but one who is more likely to understand your family and find you a home or a buyer that suits you.

An interview is also a great way to get to know how your realtor works and how successful they may be. It is completely acceptable to ask a prospective realtor for their resume where you can see their training background and experience. You will also be able to see their licensing and any realtor groups to which they belong. This will ensure that your realtor is held to set state or county standards. It is also a good idea to get any technical or financial queries out of the way before you settle with a realtor. You should ask what commission they charge or if they are solo agents or part of a team. Often the answers to these questions can be deal beakers or makers when it comes to finding the right realtor for you.

In the end there is no sure-fire way to find a realtor who ticks all your boxes. They are professional people who aim to please their clients. If you can remember that and realise that some compromises from both parties may be necessary and if you are open with your realtor about what you want and what your limits are, whichever realtor you choose will be happy to work to their best abilities for you.



"Thank you for getting me the apartment and for all your hard work and dedication."

- Nili A.
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