5 Things You Can Do To Help Sell Your Home

selling-a-homeProfessional real estate agents, like those at Cornerstone Realty Consultants, know exactly what to do when selling a home. While you should leave the marketing strategy up to the professionals, there are always things you can do in your home that will help you sell the property sooner.

1 — Apply a fresh coat of paint. Sure, we can see why you loved the dining room in the deep burgundy color. And why not have a playroom that is banana yellow and helps stimulate the children’s creativity? But the thing is, when selling a home, you can immediately turn others off when rooms are painted in non-neutral colors. Rather than trying to sell your home to someone who has the exact same taste as you, expand the potential buyer’s market by painting your home in neutral colors. This will help all prospective buyers to envision their own furniture in your home and allow them to picture your home as their home.

2 — Remove all personal items from your home. When trying to sell a house, you want to pack up all items in your home that relate to your family memories, any kind of religious decor, or any type of souvenirs from family vacations. Pack them all away and put them into storage. You want to help any potential buyers see the home as theirs…not yours. It is difficult to imagine a home belonging to another family when everywhere a person turns they see images and souvenirs from your family.

3 — Remove all clutter from your home. Having a cluttered house or room can make a property seem much smaller than it actually is. When selling a home, it is best to remove all decorations that could be cluttering shelves or countertops, or remove some furniture from a room that contains too many pieces. You want to show your home as being spacious and allow for others to imagine their furniture and decor items throughout.

4 — Remember to see your yard as an extension of your home. Make sure your yard is well taken care of when selling a home. You want to help any prospective buyers see themselves entertaining in the backyard, watching their children playing in the backyard and imagining themselves having a great time in that space. It is hard to imagine enjoying your yard when it is overrun with weeds, needs to be mowed, has no outdoor furniture set up and the house needs a fresh coat of paint.

5 — Listen to your real estate agent. The experienced agents at Cornerstone Realty Consultants know what they are doing when selling a home. They have many years of experience and they will be able to sell your home if you listen to any advice they provide. If they tell you to remove some furniture, take down some pictures or paint a room or two…take their advice. They know how to sell a home and how to do it quickly.



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