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When it comes to selling your home fast, we at Cornerstone Realty Consultants know that one of your biggest secrets to home selling success comes from staging your home properly. So what exactly is staging? Basically put staging is the art of presenting your home in such a way so as to make it most desirable to potential buyers. While staging is not a difficult task, many sellers struggle to master the art, as it requires you to view your cherished home with unbiased objectivity.

There are a few basic staging rules that always apply when selling your home fast, such as:

  • Keeping your home clean.
  • Implementing low cost repairs
  • Eliminating clutter.
  • Keeping the color palette neutral.
  • De-personalize your home

All of which make up the critical 10 tips on selling your home fast. However, the art of staging your home lies in being able to adapt each unique room to make it appear more desirable to potential buyers. A great way to glean some staging ideas is to visit a model home and make notes about how each room has been set up. Here are some specifics that you can apply to the different areas of your home when staging:

Curb appeal:
The front exterior of your home is the first time a potential buyer will see your home and make that all important first impression. Therefore it may be a good idea to spend a little extra time and money on this area. Simply things such as planting flowers, trimming bushes, weeding, clearing leaves, sprucing up your front door, replacing tarnished house numbers and damaged mailboxes, and even parking your car somewhere else can make all the difference when selling your home fast.

Creating an Entrance:
The next important space to focus on is the entrance hall. It is the first look inside of your home that buyers get. Try keeping the entrance bright; light and airy you invoke positive, uplifting feelings. Pack away all rugs – even the expensive ones – as these tend to break the flow and expanse of floor space and make the area look smaller than it is.

Heart of the home:
One of the biggest selling your home fast secrets lies in the kitchen. The reality is that kitchens sell homes so clear the counter spaces of all appliances (unless it is truly a designer piece). As cute as those holiday magnets are you must clear your refrigerator door too. Liven up tired looking cabinets with inexpensive doorknobs and a coat of paint. Make sure to limit cooking to simple odours – although do not underestimate the allure of freshly baked bread or cookies.

The most important thing in the bathroom is to get rid of any mildew/mold. Squeegee glass shower doors after every shower and remove all personal toiletry items. De-scum the bath, toilet and soap holders and put out a new set of high-quality, neutral, fluffy towels.

As for the rest of your home the basic rule is to de-clutter, repair and clean. The goal is to transform your homely home into a neutral executive home that any potential buyers can visualize themselves living in.



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