A Realtor or For Sale By Owner


When it comes to deciding on ways to sell your house, we at Cornerstone Realty have often had to breakdown the differences between choosing a realtor or for sale by owner (FSBO) options for potential clients. Deciding which are the best ways to sell your house can be mind boggling, especially for the inexperienced seller. This is not surprising considering the amount of information out there about which are the best ways to sell. Your house may be your castle but when it comes DIY selling many people fall into the trap of becoming too emotional over their homes. On the other hand saving the cost of realtor commission is a big bonus of going the route of FSBO… or is it?

The biggest draw card of going the route of FSBO is the money you will save on realtor commission. Who can argue when looking at the figures? With realtor commissions generally ranging between 4 and 7%, on a $1 million home that is a $40 000 to $70 000 saving. However the reality of the situation is far from exciting when you consider that the average FSBO sells for 30% less then the average realtor listed home – as per a national survey. While many people may argue that this is easily overcome by getting your home appraised by a professional, you must remember that appraisal prices are based on an assumption of the market and it is not until your home has actually entered the market that a true value can be established. This is because the value of your home will be dependent on how the market reacts to your home. Some homes generate more attention than expected, while others don’t get the anticipated response.

It is also important that you consider the amount of time and energy required for selling a home. From endless open houses to the costs of marketing your house, selling a home demands your full attention. Do not underestimate the demand of marketing your house especially when you consider that an overwhelming 89 percent of buyers work with realtors and often do not look further than realtor listed properties. Furthermore a realtor’s sole purpose is to help people sell and buy their homes. It is only natural for potential buyers to request the services of trained professionals. When working with a realtor you not only gain access to their expertise but also their client base.

In short FSBO will:

  • Save on realtor commission
  • Allow you the flexibility of selling your home as you please
  • Demand an intense amount of your time and energy
  • Could be easily overlooked by the vast majority of potential buyers

Investing your interests with a realtor will:

  • Encourage a higher market value
  • Remove the hassle of self-marketing
  • Ensure that you have a qualified professional, who is an expert in their field, looking after your best interests
  • Save you time and energy
  • Provide the necessary guidance when it comes to negotiations



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